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TOSHIBA Corporation

May 8, 2019
Program ID : TOSHIBA2019001
General Information
Company Name
TOSHIBA Corporation
Inquiries should be addressed to
Business Description
Toshiba is a diversified electric/electronic manufacturer and provides a wide range of products and services on a global basis in four business domains: Energy, Social Infrastructure, Electronic Devices and ICT Solutions.
Internship Conditions
Research and development
Internship Research Topic
Title : Research on neural architecture search methods

We are developing technologies to automate the design of deep neural network architectures, also known as NAS (Nerual Architecture Search). In particular, the optimally designed architecture considering computing resources such as network size or inference time is expected to be an essential technology for realizing edge-computing systems. You will carry out fundamental research on advanced machine-learning approaches which may become key technologies for realizing NAS. The key technologies could be not only deep learning but also graph theory or Bayesian statistics.
The goal is to build a strong technology for Toshiba’s business in the field of robotics, infrastructure, and self-driving cars.
Place of Internship
TOSHIBA Research and Development Center. 1, Komukai-Toshiba-Cho, Saiwai-Ku, Kawasaki-City 212-8582, Japan
Level Required
Doctoral student
Field of Competence
Deep knowledge such as deep learning, graph theory, or Bayesian statistics, and should have software programming skills such as C, C++, C#, MATLAB(R) or python(TM).
Period of Internship
3 months (2019/9 ~ 2020/3)
Travel Expenses
Travel expenses covered by Toshiba
 ・A round-trip flight ticket between your country and Japan
 ・Transportation expenses between airport and dormitory in Japan (on days of arrival and departure)
 ・Transportation expenses between the dormitory and the office in Japan on work days
 ・Other travel expenses related to the internship program
Living Allowance
2,500 Japanese yen per day for meal expenses during the term of the internship which will be provided in one sum on the first day of internship.
Free of charge, with a studio-type room in a Toshiba dormitory near the internship location will be provided.
Toshiba will provide you with a futon set (futon, bedcover and pillow) at the dormitory. Utility costs will be borne by Toshiba.
Full support on VISA acquisition
Toshiba will apply for and take out, in Toshiba’s own name and at Toshiba’s own expense, standard accident insurance for Interns which Toshiba will be the sole beneficiary of the insurance. To apply for a personal insurance such as “Overseas Traveler’s Personal Accident Insurance” in your country before you come to Japan is recommended.
IP Agreements
Based on agreement.
For example, all rights, title and interest in and to any invention, discovery, creation or improvement (hereinafter called "Invention") resulting from the Internship and conceived or made by the Trainee solely or jointly with others during the term of the Internship shall be vested in Toshiba. The Trainee shall promptly disclose and assign any such Invention to Toshiba. Toshiba's right shall include the right at its discretion to dispose of such Invention, including the right to file an application in any country for the patent, utility model or design right, to register a copyright or other intellectual property rights, to use, and to transfer or grant a license to any third party.
Application Period
May 08, 2019 - June 25, 2019
Application Procedure
See "How to Apply"

Also, send the following to

Cover letter


Letter of Recommendation

Other Information About the round-trip flights covered by Toshiba:
Generally, arrival date is the day before the internship starts and departure date is the next day after the last day of the internship.

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