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  • 2015.4.20

    Web site launches.

Mission of Setting Up Wuxi Office

概 要

The Wuxi office was set up by the School of Engineering in November, 2005. New activities between Japan and China in the fields of education, research, and industry-academic collaboration are proposed and promoted in cooperation with the University of Tokyo’s Beijing Office.

The primary activities of the office consist of the organization of forums and conferences relating to the environment and energy technology, and the implementation of industry-academic projects related to environmentally friendly processing technologies such as lead free packaging and environmental analysis (in cooperation with Japanese industry resources and Chinese universities). The Wuxi office also supports information/student exchanges between UT/Japan, Chinese universities, and the government. Support for academic agreements between UT and Chinese universities is also supplied by the Wuxi office.

In the future, industry-academic activities will expand to encompass new energies, information, and society. Support is expected to be provided to research conducted by teachers in the School of Engineering and to activities conducted by other faculties.




Wuxi Office

Small Meeting Room

Middle Meeting Room

Student Room

Chief Representative
Mamoru MITSUISHI, Dean/Professor
Yinghui WANG, Dr./Project Researcher
Special Representative
Zhen YANG, Dr./ Technical Supporter
光石 衛 工学系研究科長・教授
代 表
王 英輝 特任研究員
楊 振 学術支援員